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Do you have a question for Spiny McSpleen? Er... I mean, me? Perhaps a suggestion about how to improve the website, or a comment about an existing webpage? Perhaps you seek knowledge of a different type? No matter! Ask Spiny anything.


DO NOT send personally-identifying information through this form (full name, city of residence, credit card number, and the like). If you must use your real name, only use your initials (e.g. S. McSpleen, Spiny M., S.M.) or use just one of your names (e.g. Spiny, Mr. McSpleen). I only ask for your email address so I can respond to your questions. If you do not want me to respond, leave the "Email address" line blank.


This form is for private communication with me, Spiny McSpleen. If you have a comment about a blog entry, please select "Post Comment" at the bottom of the entry you wish to comment on, that way everyone can see it.


If you select, "Ask Spiny!", your question may be added to the list of "Ask Spiny!" Q&As, which are posted occasionally to Of Carbon and Silicon.


Not the Oracle at Delphi

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