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Of Carbon and Silicon
Thursday, 20 October 2011
Well, it couldn't last forever, I suppose.

Hey, I'm writing in this thing again! When was the last time? Like, back in September, wasn't it?
Anyway, I'm here to mention some changes that might take place to the website.

After I'm finished here, I'm backing up all of my website's files, saving them all to my hard-drive (even though that's where they started out, they did change quite a bit here, so some of them are unrecognisable from the HTML documents I uploaded originally). Reason: I'm looking for a new web host. Two reasons.
Reason One is that I'm running out of space and fast. I can't put up any of the webpages I want to put up without sacrificing an existing page to make room for them.
Reason Two is that, don't quote me on this, but I think Lycos is keen to kick me out. Not personally, of course. It's just that I noticed recently that the free Tripod accounts are being scaled back even more. If one were to create a new free account now, one wouldn't be able to use many of the tools that I used to create Spiny McSpleen's Nifty Website. There isn't even support for raw HTML anymore (which is how I made my entire website: from scratch). Now, I could be lucky and be allowed to keep my free account with all of my access to the recently-restricted tools (which includes this blog, I might add)... but, they could also decide to be bureaucratic and suddenly remove my website from the Internet... or at least make it impossible to edit anything on it.

In any case, I've already identified Blogger as a new place for Of Carbon and Silicon (I'm not switching The Universal Reset... I write in it far less frequently than I thought I would). Now, I just need to find a place for my website. Like I said, this changeover was a long time coming. I just need more space and I'm not willing to pay money that I don't have every month just to maintain a website.

After all, my current Tripod account has been active for seven years! That's the same amount of time Link spent in the Sacred Realm when he pulled the Master Sword out of the Pedestal of Time! One can't expect things not to change after a while.

Again, though -- Of Carbon and Silicon and Spiny McSpleen's Nifty Website aren't dying. They're just being... re-incarnated? I'll post another entry, both on the homepage and here once I've found a new host and am preparing to make the changeover.

Posted by theniftyperson at 9:54 PM CDT

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